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Continuing our quest to unearth American Music treasures, we are excited to announce the release of THE LOST 45 from RAY VERNON.

RAY VERNON is the stage name of Vernon Wray, the oldest brother of legendary rock musician Link Wray.

Ray was signed to Cameo Records and had his first hit with "Evil Angel" in 1957. Cameo molded him as a teen idol and christened him RAY VERNON.

Ray released several sides throughout his career on Kay, Starday, Cameo and Liberty Records, as well as his labels Rumble and Vermillion.

Ray was an early member of Link Wray and the Ray Men who set the music world on fire in 1958 with "Rumble." Ray soon moved "behind the scenes" in record production and management for several musicians.

THE LOST 45 is the result of a recently discovered 1963 metal acetate disc containing two classic country pop songs recorded by RAY VERNON with his brothers Doug and Link Wray.

We hope you enjoy these two songs and look for more recordings by this unsung legend of American Music.