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GREASY MEDLIN and THE PARTYLINERS played red-hot American Music in South Carolina during the mid '50's. The band should have gone on to great things, but they parted company when a member was drafted.

A lost recording has been found! It's not "digital quality," but for a 60 year old recording, it’s pretty impressive.

CAROLINA SWING! LIVE AT THE NCO CLUB 1957 is now available. You can hear song samples and pick it up by clicking on the “BUY NOW ON LOUDR” logo.

What happened after the band broke up?
THE PARTYLINERS went on to bigger and better things…

  • GREASY MEDLIN - the "last medicine man." As a youngster, Greasy began performing on the medicine tent and vaudeville circuit - going from town to town selling cure-all tonics that would fix a myriad of medical conditions. He is best known as a member of THE HIRED HANDS, and was the vocalist on some of the band's recordings. He was also a member of the DREAM RANCH BOYS with Lacy Richardson. Near the end of his career, Greasy was a featured performer in the documentary FREE SHOW TONIGHT, made by the Smithsonian Institution and narrated by Roy Acuff.
  • BUNKY KEELS - Bunky went on to become a member of Jim Reeves Blue Boys. The band released a few albums on RCA after Jim passed. Bunky was a well-known session musician playing on records by Jerry Lee Lewis, Waylon Jennings, Leon Redbone and many others.
  • LACY RICHARDSON - Lacy was known as "the Carolina Kid." He later went on to play guitar for SLIM MIMS and the DREAM RANCH BOYS.
  • GARY EDWARDS - Gary was drafted into the service, playing in club bands in Germany. Gary later went on drum for Country Music Hall of Famer JIM ED BROWN.
  • DUKE ROBERTS - We are still looking for information on Duke. If you can provide any, please get in touch. Duke was an incredible steel guitar player. His skills rivaled the likes of Speedy West.

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Featuring Lacy “The Carolina Kid” Richardson (top left) and Julian “Greasy” Medlin (bottom right) of The Partyliners.

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