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LINK WRAY was a trail blazer. A Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominee, Link was the first to use intentional distortion in a rock recording. Link is also credited with inventing the “power chord.” His song RUMBLE - an instrumental - was banned for fear it would incite violence.

Rock and roll would never be the same after Link Wray.

From Bruce Springsteen to Iggy Pop, Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin to Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys, dozens of rock and roll legends cite Link Wray as a career influence. Heavy metal, surf, grunge, garage…they can all trace their roots to Link Wray.

Link and the Ray Men spent the early ’60’s playing frat parties on the college circuit up and down the East Coast. We have uncovered two classic Link tracks -
RUN CHICKEN RUN and RAWHIDE - and present them to you at their lo-fi, revved-up, proto-punk best in our release LIVE IN ’63 at Cornell University!

You can preview and purchase tracks here!
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